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Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

Package Print Technologies has just received its certification for being a bona-fide Woman’s Owned Business Enterprise. This certification was received from the County of Erie/City of Buffalo Joint Certification Committee effective October 22, 2009. Through an extensive application and interview process, PPT demonstrated that it is an independent business which is at least 51% owned, controlled, and operated by woman, and:

  • The female ownership’s interest is real, continuing, and substantial
  • The female ownership has and exercises the authority to independently control the business decisions
  • The female ownership operates the business and is actively involved in the day to day management of the firm

Click here to view the certificate.

To print the certificate, first view it, then right click your mouse over the document, and chose the “Save Image As” function.

Updated Website

We at Package Print Technologies believe a website can be an informative and resourceful tool. With this in mind, we expended some reasonable effort and imagination to put together our new website. We’re proud of what we accomplished. It’s a great package of information, tools, and services; from the Language Translators, to the Frequently Asked Questions, and to the Environmentally Friendly Tips for conducting your business. We encourage you to surf through it and discover how it can be useful for you.