Our goal at Package Print Technologies is to expand and diversify our product line to meet the varied and complex needs of the entire package printing industry. We strive to be your one stop resource for all your prepress and printing needs. Our stated objectives are to simplify the procurement process; reducing the vendor stable, and providing professional, knowledgeable customer service.

Our product lines include:

Dry Offset Printing Blankets, Conventional and Custom Made

We offer a complete line of 3 and 4 ply compressible and non-compressible offset printing blankets from leading manufacturers worldwide. We also have proprietary technology to “custom” design and manufacture a blanket to meet your specific application. We convert to your thickness, press sizes, and offer them stickyback press ready.

Flint Group Nyloprint and Nyloflex Printing Plates & Equipment

We are technical distributors for Flint Group in North America. We have over 100 years of combined experience in prepress and plate making, in all facets of package printing, i.e., flexography, dry offset, and rotary letterpress.

New OEM Spec Ink Train Rollers and OEM Quality Roller Recovering

With performance proven rubber compounds and OEM specification finishing, our rollers are the leaders in the industry. Allow us to prove that there is a difference in rollers. We take your machine drawings and rubber requirements to manufacture rollers of unparalleled quality and durability.

Adhesive Tapes

We offer a complete line of printing adhesive tapes; whether single coated, double coated, foam, cloth, vinyl, or cushion, they all set the bar for quality standards and economy.