Flint Group Printing Systems

Flint Group is the worldwide leader in relief plate technology and systems for the printing industry. Whether it’s water wash hard sheet (Nyloprint) or solvent wash flexo (Nyloflex), Flint Group has set the standard for quality, performance and innovation. No plate on the market has wider exposure latitude, allowing easy exposure of complicated graphics without masking or costly pinpoint exposure systems. As a North American distributor, we offer the full line of plates and equipment as well as alliances with other global equipment manufacturers of specialty equipment, depending on your application.

Nyloprint Photopolymer

Nyloprint plates are used for dry offset printing of cups, cans, and tubes, as well as letterpress printing on labels, forms, securities, and sheet feed metal plate. They are available in both water and alcohol wash grades.

100% Water Wash
Steel Backed: .017”/ .023”/ .029”/ .032”/ .037”
Polyester Backed: .029”/ .032”/ .037”

Alcohol Wash
Steel Backed: .023”/ .029”/ .032”/ .037”

Digital Water Wash
Steel Backed: .029”/ .032” / .037”
Polyester Backed: .032”/ .037”

A complete line of 3 in 1 stack systems and wide format, high speed, in-line processors.

Nyloflex Photopolymer

Flint Group has developed a broad range of Nyloflex plates to match virtually every flexographic print application. Whether it’s high speed long, corrugated, ozone resistant, or a sophisticated process print rivaling rotogravure, we have the plate for you.

ACE (Conventional or Digital)
Features: Excellent print quality, long run durability, excellent transfer and coverage.
Available thickness’: .030”- 2.54”

FAH (Conventional or Digital)
Features: Superior halftone and process reproduction and print quality.
Available thickness’: .045”- 0.112”

Features: Versatile in a multitude of applications. Resistant to ozone cracking.
Available thickness’: .045”- 0.125”


Features: Durable for print on corrugated board. Equally good results with solvent or water based ink.
Available thickness’: .045”- 0.112”

Features: Most ozone and solvent resistance to cracking.
Available thickness’: .045”- 0.112”


A complete line of systems geared to your needs, from narrow web (18” X 24”) up to jumbo systems (49.5” X 63”). Other equipment options are available from one of our global manufacturers.