Package Print Technologies accepts and encourages customers to use ACH payments. An ACH payment is the electronic transfer of funds from one banking institution to another. ACH payments are safe and reliable, working through the Federal Reserve Banking System, and can improve business efficiencies, reduce costs, and help keep the environment green by:

• Reducing the use of paper checks, envelopes, stamps, and postal delivery service

• Simplifying administration by eliminating check processing & handling procedures

• Eliminating check writing errors such as no signatures, lost checks, or NSF

• Reducing costs and bank service charges

• Improving cash management with better controlled issuance and withdrawal dates

Most banking institutions are part of the ACH Network. You will have to register with your bank if you desire to take advantage of this service. Part of the process will require that you to attain some of our banking information from us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started.