Package Print Technologies accepts credit cards for pre-authorized prepaid purchases. This is facilitated through an internet based commerce service called PayPal. PayPal is an easy, secure, and proven way to transact business. You will find it at You have to register with PayPal to be able to use it, which is an easy and relatively quick process. Go to the PayPal website and, using your computer mouse, click on the following tabs or icons:

1. Business
2. Sign up
3. Business Account – Start Now

Follow the prompts and fill in your information.

Once you are officially registered, you can use your charge card to pay for a purchase by selecting the “Send Money” option. Once in the payment option, enter the email address in the “To” field which will direct the payment to our company account.

Please note, your invoice will be adjusted to cover the 3% processing fee charged by PayPal.

The PayPal website is very informative and user friendly, however, if we can be of further assistance in helping you set up or use the website, please feel free to call us.