Package Print Technologies offers our customers the choice to receive invoices by mail, fax, or email. We encourage our customers to receive their invoice by email. By choosing electronic invoicing, we believe you are taking a route that is not only a more effective and efficient way of conducing business, but is also more environmentally friendly. You can:

• Reduce the use of envelopes, stamps, and postal delivery service

• Simplify administration by receiving invoices directly the same day they are issued

• Designate multiple email addresses and recipients

• Store electronically for easy future reference

• Print copies if and when desired

The invoice will be sent to you in Pdf format. You will require the Adobe Reader software to view and print it. This is a free application and can be downloaded directly and safely from the Adobe website at

If you believe that electronic invoicing is the right choice for your company, contact our office today. We welcome any questions you may have regarding the setup of this procedure or the downloading of the required software.