Knowing when your order has shipped and when it is due to arrive is important to know to help manage your inventory and production effectively. We understand this, so we make the effort of sharing this information with you in a variety of ways.

As always, we are ready for your inquiry, whether by phone, fax, or email, to provide the date of shipment and the tracking number. We also provide the carrier name and tracking number on the packing slip and invoice so that, if needed, your staff can investigate the progress of the shipment directly.

We will use whichever carrier best meets your needs. From our experience, it has turned out to be UPS, which provides extremely competitive rates and reliable service. They have user-friendly online tracking systems and can be found using the following links:

For Small Parcel Shipments

For LTL Shipments

UPS Quantum View Notify (automatic tracking notification)

To take it one-step further, UPS provides a proactive tracking system called QUANTUM VIEW NOTIFY. If you decide to participate, you will receive an automatic email notification giving you the shipment status of your order. It will also provide the tracking number so that you can trace the shipment at your own discretion. You can designate up to five (5) email addresses and decide whether each address should receive a shipment notification, an exception notification, and/or a delivery notification.
To get started, all we need is the following information for each applicable person:

  1. Contact Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Notifications to be received (can be all 3 or any combination)

We believe that this is a very useful tool and highly recommend that you acquire it. We look forward to getting this service working for you. If you should have any questions, or wish to discuss this service further, please feel free to contact Customer Service.